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Massage Therapy



We offer Massage Therapy to Work Comp. and No-Fault injuries as well as out of pocket services. 

We specialize in Medical Massage and Hoffa Manual Therapy.

What is Hoffa Manual Therapy?

Dr. Hoffa from Germany, developed his Medical Massage technique to treat soft tissue pain syndromes, joint and muscle dysfunctions. It is a manual therapy targeted solely on the source of the pain. This technique has been used successfully for over a hundred years to make the patient pain free and fit to return to work efficiently.


The primary objective of the Hoffa manual therapy is to resolve the cause of the pain. Lifting, rolling and wringing the tissues will activate the stretch receptors in the muscles and manually pump fluid into tight tissue and joints.


Our well trained Hoffa practitioners are licensed massage therapists trained exclusively within the company to provide safe, effective and efficient treatments.

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